Anna Sudbina is a contemporary painter whose work combines elements of process-led abstract and figurative art.

Pieces of frayed reality are artfully combined with areas of pure gestural abstraction, forming her dynamic visual language. This contrast explores the relationship between actuality and our perception, physical space and a memory of it, the poetry of human experience.

Sudbina's work is in private collections of the likes of Suzanne Brenner (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), Brigitte Stepputtis (Global Head of Couture at Vivienne Westwood) and Vincent Fang (multi-Golden Melody Award-nominated lyricist).

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"When we received the final piece and hung it on the wall, it was absolutely perfect! It now has become one of our favourite pieces of art in our possession."

Marc and Suzanne Brenner,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York

"It's easy to see how Anna's complex compositions can bring a sense of luxury and style to any home. Her layered paint in subtle hues recalls modern abstraction from the early 20th century and gives a nod to comforting nostalgia in these stately canvases."

Adriana Marques, curator

"Anna is a truly engaging artist, she instantly captures the sense of a place, it's shapes, light and colours. To experience her view of the world through her paintings is both a joy and a privilege."

Eleanor Stephenson

Courtauld Gallery, London



Her forms, shapes and use of colour are extraordinary and captivating on an emotional level. When I moved into my new home, it was only a matter of time until I asked her to do some paintings for me (just purchased my third one!) Anna was able to take some general guidelines to put together some pieces which have really brought the rooms in my house to life with moving, colourful and vibrant pieces. Really I can not recommend her enough.

Dr. Steven Harris, collector

"Personal and engaging, Anna's work has soul and a feel of authenticity, which is very refreshing!"

Sabrina Angelini, collector



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