In this series, I look for the poetry of human experience, both personal and shared. The little ordinary moments of anticipation, hope, annoyance, peace. I want to capture a feeling, an emotion superimposed over the brushstrokes. I want you to wonder if perhaps this looks familiar. It is not about the physical likeness but about the essence of a human aspect.

The process is just as important as the result. Using a brush makes me focus on figurative detail too much, so I paint with small found objects like plastic clothes tags or pieces of card instead. This introduces an element of chance involved in the independent behaviour of materials, a splash of ink or the unpredictability of mixing colours into wet gesso on the canvas. It is the abstraction of the portrait that gives the space to connect with it and empathise. The meaning is not prescribed. 

All paintings are acrylic, ink, and gesso on stretched canvas, unframed, and signed at the back.

Framing options are available, please contact me.

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