solo show


presented by Felstead Art

5 Jun - 6 Sep


"The Room Where I Am Not" invites you to explore the ethereal landscapes of memory and the enigmatic spaces within the mind. In this exhibition, I delve into the fragmented nature of our recollections, where the places of our past dissolve into the
ever-shifting currents of time.

Memories, like whispers in the wind, are fleeting and ephemeral. They exist in a realm of their own, where reality intertwines with imagination, and the boundaries between past and present blur into obscurity. As time chips away at the details, the spaces we once inhabited become distorted, fragmented, mere echoes of their former selves.

And yet, amidst the chaos of forgetting, there remains a beacon of hope—a scent, a fragrance—that has the power to transport us back to moments we thought were lost forever.

Like a thread connecting us to the past, these olfactory memories weave through the fabric of time, guiding us through the labyrinth of our subconscious.

In "The Room Where I Am Not," I invite you to embark on a journey of remembrance and discovery, where the familiar becomes unfamiliar, and the forgotten rises from the depths of the mind. Through the medium of abstraction, I explore the intricate tapestry of memory, inviting you to ponder the nature of existence and the essence of being.

Join me as we wander through the corridors of the mind, guided by the scent of nostalgia and the whispers of the past. Together, let us unravel the mysteries of memory and behold the beauty of the unseen, in the room where I am not, yet where we all reside.

Black Tea And Petrichor

a forest walk after the rain, blackcurrant, suede and a cup of Darjeeling, the smell of a new book… not cold enough to light a fire

76 x 100 cm / 30" x 40"


fresh linen and the floral scent of a spring garden through the open window, the whooshing of a curtain in the whispering breeze

91 x 122 cm / 36" x 48"

Oud And Stone

tactile, opulent, invigorating, when worn out by the midday sun you step onto the cold marble relishing its refreshing chill against your skin, the scent of bergamot and rose petals and sun-kissed skin

76 x 100 cm / 30" x 40"

Embers and Snow

Autumn night air with a campfire in the distance, spicy gardenia and velvet wild rose, subtle, smoky aroma of burning embers casting a warm glow, heels off, kettle on

76 x 100 cm / 30" x 40"

In Eucalyptus Shadows

a fragrant eucalyptus leaf crushed by gentle fingers, moss-covered rocks near a murmuring creek, charred Palo Santo and liquorice

76 x 100 cm / 30" x 40"


the lawn mower went quiet and the smell of freshly cut grass fills the air, wind rushes through the pines bringing their musky notes of sap and summer walks

91 x 122 cm / 36" x 48"


a dark, leathery, spicy note, with tarred effects and a hint of honey, when the afternoon sunlight hits the leather sofa making it almost too hot to touch and you are drawn to it like a cat carefree and lazy

76 x 100 cm / 30" x 40"

ROSE WATER Thunderstorms

dewy florals lingering above the earthy musk, fresh tobacco and summer thunderstorms, clothes drenched cling to skin as you sink into the cushions

91 x 122 cm / 36" x 48"

Where The Honey Flows

freshly brewed coffee, the sweet, nutty scent of toasted almonds, creamy vanilla, frankincense and beeswax candles from the night before

91 x 122 cm / 36" x 48"


blue musk, sunshine and pure white flowers, first snowflakes melting on the tongue, lemon zest on ice and a hint of lavender, anticipation of the evening

91 x 122 cm / 36" x 48"

Rising Of Sirius

jasmine on a summer night when the wind dies and the air is moist and peaceful… Too beautiful to sleep

180 x 204 cm / 71" x 80"

Roses Are Red

fading snowdrops, a coat in May still…soaked in the rain, charcoal slowly turning red, bluebells and metallic tang of freshly sharpened pencils

180cm x 244 cm / 71" x 96"