Introducing my latest body of work

Notes To Self

Amid today's tumultuous world, which seems to be on fire and deeply unwell, there is a profound yearning for moments of serenity and peace. It is this very essence that forms the heart and soul of "Notes To Self." At its core, this collection is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring pursuit of beauty and tranquility. I look for the poetry of human experience, the essence of personal growth and transformation. Amidst life's trials and tribulations, we emerge stronger, wiser, and more compassionate. It is this delicate interplay between resilience and vulnerability that forms the foundation of each artwork in this collection.

The pieces explore the power of gentleness as a force for change in a sometimes heartless world. Through the juxtaposition of strength and softness, the portraits in the collection delve into the intricate relationship between inner and outer, projection and perception. Clothes serve as a second skin, offering protection and expression, while simultaneously concealing the vulnerability and depth of the soul. In each brushstroke and composition, I aim to capture the beauty of this duality, inviting you to reflect on the complexities of your own inner landscapes.

In the vast tapestry of existence, where moments often seem fleeting and significance elusive, there exists a profound truth: there is always beauty to be found. Most of the time, I feel rather small and insignificant, but every now and then, I know that the balance and harmony that I search for on canvas spill out into the world and change a tiny fragment of it for the better.

The process is just as important as the result. Using a brush makes me focus on figurative detail too much, so I paint with small found objects like plastic clothes tags or pieces of card instead. This introduces an element of chance involved in the independent behaviour of materials, a splash of ink or the unpredictability of mixing colours into wet gesso on the canvas. 

All paintings are acrylic, ink, and gesso on stretched canvas, unframed, and signed at the back.


40 x 50 cm (after the goddess of peace)

Flying Past Your Window

76 x 102 cm


76 x 102 cm

The Wonderer

60 x 76 cm

With Tattered Wings We Rise

40 x 50 cm

Al Fresco

40 x 50 cm

Second Skin

60 x 76 cm

Fragments Of Me

60 x 76 cm


40 x 50 cm


40 x 50 cm

Time To Go Home

100 x 120 cm

Note To Self

40 x 50 cm


Three new large canvases continue my exploration of the relationship between space, time, and memory, inviting viewers to join me on a journey of introspection and discovery. Each painting leaves space for the viewer's imagination to roam, evoking hazy recollections of past memories and blurring the line between the familiar and the unknown.

The title "MOSCOW - BERLIN" pays homage to a cafe/dj bar of the same name where I used to frequent during my younger years. Much like the transient nature of travel itself, the painting offers glimpses into the interiors of two distinct places, seamlessly merging the past with the present and the known with the unknown. In this fluid landscape of memory and imagination, there is a sense of freedom and liberation, where introductions and goodbyes become mere formalities in the grand scheme of existence. It is a reminder that life is a continuous journey of arrival and departure, of discovery and rediscovery, where the only constant is change.

"THRIVING ON CHAOS WITH PATTERNS IN MIND" explores the intricate patterns of thought that emerge amidst chaos. As the mind navigates through the complexities of existence, patterns begin to emerge, offering a sense of order and understanding amidst the tumult.

"BUTTERFLY SOUP" was the painting that gave me the hardest time! The title is inspired by the extraordinary transformation that a caterpillar undergoes inside the cocoon. It does not just grow wings; it dissolves its body, all of it, into a green soup. From this chaos emerges the blueprint of its future self, the DNA flying-machine instructions encoded within imaginal cells. This process is akin to alchemy and is more magic than science.

Much like the caterpillar's metamorphosis, we all encounter moments of dissolution and transformation in our lives. In the midst of meltdowns or breakdowns, we are reminded of the resilience inherent within us. As we navigate through challenging times, we discover newfound strengths and insights that propel us towards growth and renewal - the beauty that emerges from moments of upheaval.

Moscow - Berlin

120 x 90 cm

Thriving On Chaos With Patterns In Mind

102 x 76 cm

Butterfly Soup

102 x 76 cm


Irene, 40 x 50 cm - £1100 - SOLD

Flying Past Your Window, 76 x 102 cm - £2700 - SOLD

Beyond Words, 76 x 102 cm - £2700 - SOLD

The Wonderer, 40 x 50 cm - £1100 - SOLD

With Tattered Wings We Rise, 40 x 50 cm - £1100 - SOLD

Al Fresco, 40 x 50 cm - £1100 - SOLD

Second Skin, 60 x 76 cm - £2100

Fragments Of Me, 60 x 76 cm - £2100 - SOLD

Persimmons, 40 x 50cm - £1100 - SOLD

Artemis's Trust, 40 x 50cm - £1100

Time To Go Home, 100 x 120 cm - £3900 - SOLD

Note To Self, 40 x 50 cm - £1100 - SOLD

Moscow - Berlin, 90 x 120 cm - £3900

Thriving On Chaos With Patterns In Mind, 76 x 102 cm - £2700 - SOLD

Butterfly Soup, 76 x 102 cm - £2700


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These works will be split between 2 shows this March: The Other Art Fair (Truman Brewery, 7-10 March) and Affordable Art Fair (Battersea Park, 6-10 March).

Thank you for viewing my latest body of works!