Tangible Abstractions

This body of work occupies the ambiguous space between abstraction and representation. 

I wanted the works in this new series to be contemporary and fresh with subject matter that is predominantly abstract yet tangible and depicted with the meticulous detail of a figurative painting, with concrete form and presence, that appears to have physical properties such as thickness and sheen, that reflects light and casts shadows. This sense of recognition, is what triggers an emotional response I am after. There is a sense of luxury, of craftsmanship and artisan materials such as leather, bronze, gold, wood and high gloss Japanese black lacquer.

The works are airy and light with a lot of complex shades of white as a backdrop for intricate ribbon like shapes in the shades of sunny ochre, taupe, rich moody grey and sky blue. They are calm tranquil yet will make a bold statement piece in any interior.