Dreams & Wishes

With a minimalist colour palette and subtle hues, these works are quiet, yet the longer you look at them the deeper they can take you.

I am drawn to abstract art as it communicates by bypassing the words and formalised understanding of the world. Without a subject matter, it is a meditation on canvas, where the process is just as important as the result, a purest creative output that comes entirely from within, the most direct connection between the artist and the universe and between the artwork and the viewers.

I allow the canvas to guide me into discovering the composition through a dialogue of sorts. The initial layers are done in an intuitive state of concentration in which the gestural mark-making is dictated by the subconscious. The final stage is about finding compositional balance through non-action and negative action, standing back to analyse and then moving forward to undo and cover up parts of the painting.
In essence, my point of departure is a debate between choice and chance. My hands choose to control my chosen mediums, acrylic, gesso and ink using small found objects, a process which is juxtaposed by the chance involved in the independent behaviour of materials, a splash of ink or the unpredictability of mixing colour. In building a composition, I find myself in a dream-like state. Guided by my subconscious, my memories and experiences, each painting becomes its own spiritual journey.

I look for the poetry of human experience, both personal and shared. Emotions superimposed over the brushstrokes. I have a terrible memory so I don’t paint from memory, I paint from the loss of it. It is the abstraction of the image that allows me to connect with it and relive the precious fleeting moments. If my work does that for anyone else - I am happy.