the immersive light show

Sky Art at the Paxton

Where: The Paxton, 255 Gipsy Rd, London SE27 9QY

When: from 28th October throughout November

A collaboration between Anna Sudbina and Phil Dobson (@phildobsonartist, )
- an exhibition of original artworks and an outdoor installation with an immersive light show projected onto a large canopy in the Paxton's garden and accompanied by a soundtrack of a gospel choir.

The project springs from the idea that painting, usually viewed, perhaps in a gallery or collection, as a fait accompli, a definitive statement, conclusive, is actually something which has been developed over a period of time, a process of countless decisions, the application of successive layers, which though contained within the 4 sides of the canvas represents an infinitude of possibilities, which even when apparently finished can be subject to many interpretations, and in this sense can have a future independent from that process.

Phil Dobson’s video is derived from digitally manipulated images of Anna’s paintings, which have the effect of extending painterly principles into the medium of film, thus creating a ‘moving painting’.
Painterly canvases are turned into mesmerising moving light projections.   
The paintings are deconstructed, broken down into pixelated colour charts and layered shape-shifting elements that remind you of a set of kaleidoscopic Rorschach cards.
The projection of the moving digital images onto the sculptural sky of the tent in the garden of The Paxton provides the second transformation of the original paintings, another distortion into a three-dimensional surface, creating a multi-coloured immersive experience.

The installation is up for a month till the end of November at The Paxton, 255 Gipsy Rd, London SE27 9QY.